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Loan Quantum: Up to S$100,000

Repayment Period: Up to 4 years


  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • At least 30% local shareholding
  • Annual sales of up to S$1 million or have up to 10 employees

Loan Quantum: Up to S$300,000

Repayment Period: Up to 5 years


  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • At least 30% local shareholding
  • Group annual sales of up to S$100 million or group employment size of not more than 200 employees1

Unsecured Term Loan

Collateral-free loan, including government-assisted schemes, banks and various financial institutions – up to S$500,000 and repayment period up to over 5 years

Secured Term Loan
Secured against private residential/commercial/industrial property collateral or fixed deposits

Includes any other working capital needs, such as:

  • First Business Loan
  • Startup Business Loan
  • Venture Loan
  • Bridging Loan (for Marine & Offshore Engineering Companies)
  • Business Overdraft
  • Internationalisation Finance Scheme (IFS)
  • or other business capital financing of higher quantum


Business Property Financing
For purchasing of new commercial property relating to business needs e.g. factories, warehouses & offices

Property Refinancing
For existing commercial properties, up to 120% of property value – with cash-outs through refinancing


Hire Purchase Scheme
For facilitation of equipments & machineries under a Hire Purchase Agreement

Term Loan
For financing of equipments & machineries through working capital term loans

Local Enterprise Finance Scheme (LEFS) 
Government-assisted scheme administered by Enterprise Singapore, for companies that require funds for automation, upgrading or purchase of equipment and/or premises – up to 90% of value

Hire Purchase Financing

For purchase of new commercial vehicles or commercial vehicles with renewed COE – up to 100% and facilitation period of up to 7 years

Vessel Fleet Expansion

For financing of vessels fleet expansion, both new and used vessel purchase – up to 70% of cost and repayment period of up to 12 years


Import Financing
For buyers who are procuring goods and inventory from both domestic and overseas sources, and managing accounts payable

Export Financing
For sellers who need open account export financing and managing accounts receivables

Types of Financial Instruments include:

  • Letter of Credits Issuance (LC)
  • Trust Receipts Issuance (TR)
  • Banker’s Guarantee (BG) / Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
  • Inward & Outward Bill Collection – Documents against acceptance / documents against payment (DA/DP)

For sellers who are factoring invoices and managing accounts receivables, on a notified / non-notified basis and with/without recourse to the seller

Short-Term Trade Financing

The Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS) is a government-assisted scheme by Enterprise Singapore, which insures the banks against insolvency risks of borrowers.

Loans are underwritten by commercial insurers, while a portion of the insurance premium is supported by the Government.

Types of short-term trade financing lines include:

  • Inventory / Stock financing facility
  • Structured pre-delivery working capital
  • Factoring / Bill or Invoice or Accounts Receivable discounting with recourse


  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • At least 30% local shareholding
  • Applicant’s group annual sales turnover should be up to S$100 million or applicant’s group employment size must not exceed 200 workers

The Trade Credit Insurance Scheme (TCIS) is a government-assisted insurance scheme by Enterprise Singapore, providing subsidies for Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) premiums by Singapore-registered credit insurers.  

Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) provides protection against non-payment by buyers, allowing companies to acquire more new customers at greater ease.

If eligible, Enterprise Singapore provides subsidy on premiums up to 50%, subjected to a maximum lifetime support of up to S$100,000 per qualifying Applicant company.


  •  Global headquarters anchored in Singapore
  • Turnover of Applicant Company and its subsidiaries should not exceed S$100M
  • A minimum paid-up capital of S$50,000



In view of providing comprehensive and all rounded services for our clients, our range of services also includes professional accounting services required for SMEs.

Services include:

  • Computerised Bookkeeping Services (Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Basis)
  •  Financial Accounting Services and Consultancy
  • General Administration and Support Services
  • Unaudited ACRA Compilation

Includes both personal and corporate tax services:

  • GST Advisory
  • GST Registration
  • GST Reporting
  • Income Tax Reporting
  • Payroll Services
  • other ad hoc IRAS & ACRA Compliance Services 

Under the Singapore Company Law, it is mandatory for every company to appoint a Corporate Secretary. The Corporate Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with the relevant legislations and regulations. They also keep the Board Members informed of their legal responsibilities towards the company. 

Services include:

  • Registration of company and branches in Singapore
  • Establishment of representative offices
  • Setting up business entities and non-profit organisations
  • Corporate secretarial support needs
  • Named company secretarial services and qualified personnel secondment
  • Arranging for nominee directors
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Conduct of company searches
  • Providing registered office facilities
  • Attending meetings of directors and shareholders meetings, including minuting proceedings
  • Advisory on corporate governance practices & requirements
  • Preparation and submission of prescribed forms to the Registrar of Companies and Businesses

In setting up a business, the right business set up is that is most suited to the business’ needs is very important. Besides local businesses, our range of services extend to foreign business incorporation as well.

Business Advisory Services include:

  • Business Registration
  • Representative Office set-up

Financial Consulting Services

We provide financial consulting services for business presentation to finance providers or investors, understanding of available government-assisted loans & schemes, and any other pertinent compliance changes.


Foreign Exchange Hedging
For companies who are seeking to eliminate or “hedge” their foreign exchange risk from transactions in foreign currencies

Services include:

  • Foreign currencies conversion
  • FX Forward Contracts
  • FX Spot Contracts
  • FX Options

Interest Rates Hedging
For companies who are seeking to protect against interest rate risks in interest-bearing assets, such as loans or bonds

Services include:

  • Interest Rate Swap
  • Interest Rate Cap
  • Cross Currency Swap

Commodity Hedging
For companies who are seeking to protect against commodity price volatility such as agriculture, energy, metal and bulk products

Services include:

  •  Commodity Price Hedging

Business Banking Accounts
For companies who are seeking earn interest returns for funds with improved liquidity with a fixed deposits account opening or manage funds in a current account – flexible range of tenures from one month to years 


Aside from loans & financing services, our range of network includes various investors as well who can bring in active or passive investments, as both financial backing and synergistic business development opportunities.

Some of our investors network include:

  • Private equity firms
  • Family offices
  • Individual investors & funders

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